Frequently Asked Questions

YES, you are required to register an account before uploading images and creating designs online as without having an account, the site has no idea who to associate uploaded images and designs to. You can register or login on the site by navigating to the Register page.
On the Login/Register page, click on the Forgot your password link at the bottom of the page. Enter your email address, and you will be emailed with a link that will allow you to chose a new password.
We recommend designing using either Chrome or Firefox for the best user experience. If you are using Internet Explorer and experiencing difficulty with some features, please try using either Chrome or Firefox as this may be causing your issues.
Select the product you wish to create from the product dropdown menu. Select the size/model of your product and choose your design layout if applicable. Once happy with your selection, click Design Now and you will be taken to the editor to complete your design. For further information regarding designing your project, please refer to the relevant FAQ.
Yes. You can exit the Editor at any time by clicking on the Save/Exit button. Your project will be saved under your account, and can be accessed later under My Projects in the User dropdown menu. To continue working on the project, simply hover over the thumbnail image, and click on the Edit Project button that appears.
Images can be uploaded directly into the Editor by clicking the Upload Images button. Alternatively, if you want to organise your images on the site, you can create a Gallery before starting your project (select My Gallery in the User dropdown menu). You can upload your images into the gallery, and then access this gallery while creating your project in the Editor. Whether you upload images directly into the Editor or into a gallery, multiple images can be uploaded together (use the shift key or CTRL/CMD key to select multiple images).
The Editor only currently supports JPG and PNG files for uploading.
The maximum file size for uploaded images is 20MB per image.
If the resolution (image pixel quality) is too low, a warning will be displayed in the Editor. If you reduce the size of the image box, the warning will disappear when the image has been reduced in size sufficiently. Please note, however, that when creating projects for large prints (e.g. A0 canvas), the resolution warning can often be ignored (larger prints are more "forgiving" of low resolution images, as these prints are generally viewed from a distance).
Click on the Layouts button on the right side of the Editor, and choose the layout you want from the list that is displayed. To apply the layout to the page, simply drag the layout onto the page in the main window of the Editor.
Autofill will automatically load your images into the various placeholder blocks in sequential order. This will save you time by not having to manually add your images to each of the placeholder blocks. Once your design has been autofilled you can review it and make changes to certain images by dragging and dropping a different image in its place if required.
Sometimes it is necessary to change the cropping of an image (e.g. if a portrait image is loaded into a landscape box). To do this, first select the image, then click on the centre Crop tool on the right side of the Editor. You can then click and drag the image around inside the box. You can also use the scale tools ("+" & "-" crop tools) to change how much of the image will be cropped (cut off).
Simply double click on the text box, and a dialogue window will open in which you can add your own text. The font, size, alignment and colour of the text can be changed with the tools on the right side of the Editor once a text box is selected.
Click on the Organize button on the bottom left of the Editor. This will open the project in the "Organize Pages" view, in which you can add, re-arrange, duplicate and delete pages.
Yes. You can select any element (or multiple elements, by selecting them with the Shift key, or all elements on the page with CTRL-A or CMD-A on Mac). Then copy (CTRL/CMD-C) and paste (CTRL/CMD-V) these elements. They will be pasted in exactly the same position as the originals, so if they are pasted on the same page, the duplicated elements will be on top of the originals. It is possible, after copying, to navigate to a different page and then paste the elements there. It is even possible to copy and paste elements from one project to another - but you will need to have both projects open in different browser windows.
It is necessary to create a project for the voucher you want to purchase. Navigate to the voucher you want, and create the project by clicking Design Now. You can personalise the voucher, or just leave it as it is, and add it to your shopping cart. The design will be emailed to you with a voucher code inserted into the design.
When checking out of your shopping cart, you need to first select your desired shipping option (delivery or collection), after which the Review Order page will be displayed. Above the delivery address on the right side, there is a Discount Code field where the code can be entered. When the "Apply" button has been clicked, the new price will be calculated and displayed.
Yes. Vouchers are not linked to any specific product, and only have a cash value (the value of the product the voucher was bought for). If the product you want to buy instead is more expensive than the one the voucher was issued for, then you just need to pay in the difference in price.